Monday, February 7, 2011

Michael got some new toys

Its been a while since I had time to write anything. I have been able to spend a little of my saved up “mustang toy” money over the last couple weeks.


Here’s a current picture of my mustang. Buried beneath a cartop carrier, old receipts …. stuffed full of misc. cart parts like a center console, all the wiring and a ceiling fan. Well enough of that. Its time to take my space back.

I had a Mustangs Plus Gift certificate that I received in 2008. I wasn’t sure they would take it but guess what. They took it and within 5 days I had a new gas tank! Mustangs Plus Rocks!

I also found on craigslist a new radiator core support and an apron panel for $100.00. When I found the ad it was a couple weeks old so I didn’t think they would still be available but when I called he was in Vegas and said he could meet the following Friday.

Battery tray apronNew battery tray apron (a little dust)

New Battery apron

Better picture of rust area on radiator core supportNew radiator core support sitting in front of my new gas tank

New radiator core support.

The following week I noticed this same guy had a 8.8 inch rear end from a 2000 GT mustang for sale. I called him immediately. I explained to him I couldn’t make it out to look at it till the next week. He said he had a couple calls about it already but no one made an offer. He said since we had done business before if I wanted it it was mine. Of course I told him yes and made arrangements to meet last week. Oh, did I forget to mention he only wanted $75.00. Awesome.

My new 8.8 inch rear end out of a 2000 GT and my T-5 out of a 1987


My new rear end next to my T-5.

1991 5.0l EFI

My 1991 5.0l EFI.

Today was almost as much fun. I finally am going to make my MIG welder what it’s supposed to be. I finally purchased a bottle of 75/25 Argon/CO2 mix. I should have some time tomorrow to play with it. I am going to start by welding a weld cart together . Should be fun. I will post some pictures.

I also bought a quart of primer it’s a brand I hadn’t heard of before. Sikken, I asked for PPG but they didn’t carry any PPG products. This is the only paint supply store I have found, so I went ahead a bought a quart. I figure if I don’t like it I can try and find a PPG supplier in town somewhere. I plan on starting with the engine compartment to get proficient before I tackle body panels and frame rails.