Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally getting back to work

It's been over a year since I wrote anything. I have been busy but unfortunately not on the Mustang. I got a couple great tools over Christmas and my Birthday. I got a 60 gal air compressor, a pressurized sand blaster, a sand blast cabinet, a drill press, a new bench grinder. Two months ago I made a work bench, it is 8 ft long and 30 in deep with a large peg board attached. Last month I purchased the metal tube for a rotisserie.

Some of the tubing for my rotisserie

New Bench Drill Press next to the Bench Grinder that's going back to Harbor Freight!

The cleaned and prepped parts for my rotisserie

Finally removed the front suspension.

Driver's side upper and Lower control arm assembly

Now both removed

My 8" rearend next to my 8.8" with disc brakes!

Just waiting on the rotisserie

So I bought the bench grinder and the bench drill press in December 2011. When I took the drill press out this weekend to assemble it and start drilling the holes for the rotisserie, I found out the chuck would not open. I took it back to HF and they said it was past the 90 day return policy. They did let me trade it in on a new one and credit me the original cost (got it on sale). That was yesterday, today I opened the bench grinder and set it up to start dressing the ends of the steel tubing. Every time I ran the metal against the wheel it slowed down, I wasn't pushing at all, just letting the wheel do the work. It kept doing this, so I got frustrated and pulled out my trusty little grinder and went to work dressing the ends of the tubes. I will take the bench grinder back tomorrow to HF and see if they will let me get a bigger one.
So as I get ready to weld my rotisserie together I am really concerned that the body will flex. When I put it up do I need to brace it? I am not sure my mustang is terribly straight as it is. There is a lot of fiberglass from the previous owner rebuild. I will have to replace some floor pans, cowl side panels, and some of the frame rails.

Well time to go I will try to posts more frequently.

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